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Upcoming Kpop CD and DVD releases at Kuuru Pop
Generally we will stock all new releases from groups that have individual categories on our site - please check back a couple of days after a CD or DVD is announced to see its estimated release date.

Please kindly note that these are estimates of when the releases will be available in our store; arrival dates are subject to change.

26th April
NEW: 2016 Like Seventeen - Shining Diamond Concert (2 DVD)
BTS 3rd Muster Army.Zip+ (Blu-ray) (2 Disc) (Booklet + Standing Paper)
Dreamcatcher Mini Album Vol. 2 - Fall Asleep in the Mirror
EXID Mini Album Vol. 3 - Eclipse
Girls' Generation: Taeyeon Vol. 1 - My Voice (Deluxe Edition)
Minzy Mini Album Vol. 1 - MINZY WORK 01 UNO
Super Junior: Yesung - Mini Album Vol. 2 - Spring Falling (Normal and Limited Editions)
Teen Top Vol. 2 - High Five (Both Versions)
WINNER Single Album - FATE NUMBER FOR (Both Versions)
RESTOCK: Block B: Zico Mini Album Vol. 1 - Gallery
BTS - You Never Walk Alone (Both Versions)
GOT7 5th Mini Album - Flight Log: Departure
GOT7 Vol. 1 - Identify CD (Original Version)
Seventeen Mini Album Vol. 1 - 17 Carat

4th May
NEW: SHINee: Jonghyun Collection - Story Op.2 (Both Versions)
RESTOCK: BTS Mini Album Vol. 1 - O!RUL8,2?
GOT7 - Mini Album Vol. 2 [GOT♡]

24th May
NEW: Lovelyz Vol. 2 Repackage - Now, Us​​​
Monsta X 1st DVD - Montories (3 DVD)
TWICE - TWICEcoaster: Lane 1 MONOGRAPH (Photobook + Making DVD)